The ultimate Lua course with EZTyping

by: Sohaib Ibenhajene


Lua is a high-level, lightweight, interpreted programming language designed by Tecgraf at PUC-Rio in 1993. It was originally created to expand general applications, to join multiple parts of a program that were written in different languages. It is often embedded in complex software such as games.

Lua was originally created by a group of developers from PUC-Rio, to be used in a Petrobas project. The language quickly gained popularity because of it's efficiency, clarity and ease of learning. It gained a lot of recognition when it started to be used by big game development companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, they used it in the game World of Warcraft. A lot of regular programmers also started to implement Lua because it is often used as a general purpose language.




Lua is a simple language, it is easy to learn and use. Because you do not have to enter semi-colons, you do not have to scope variables, you can write all of your functions in the global scope.


Lua is a very efficient language, it is very fast to execute. Compared to other languages, it is very efficient to write and execute. Making it sometimes 4 to 8 times faster than other languages.


Lua is extensible, it is easy to add new functions and variables. It is easy to add new libraries, and add new features to the language. It is also able to combine the best of existing languages.

Game Development

Lua is popular because of how well it can handle game development. It can easily be used for advanced functionality while improving the speed and efficiency of the application. There are a lot of very famous games that have been developed using Lua such as Garry's mod, Saints Row, Far Cry, ...

Why Lua?

It is a very difficult decision to choose your first programming language, well we are here to make that decision easier. Are you relatively new to programming and want to ease into the world of programming and coding? Then Lua is the perfect language for you, it can not only be used for game development, you have a world of possibilities with Lua. Lua is one of the easiest languages to learn, it is always handy to have that skill that others don't possess which could land you a job at a big company. Learn sooner and not later! We at EZTyping are willing to do everything to make you a successful programmer.