The ultimate Java course with EZTyping

by: Sohaib Ibenhajene


Java is a simple programming language by James Gosling, a worker at Sun Microsystems in the year 1995. This was later acquired by Oracle Corporation. It makes writing, compiling and debugging programming easy.
Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language made for developers to write code that can be run on every platform that supports Java. It's applications are compiled to byte code that can run on any Java Virtual Machine. The syntax of c/c++ is similar to Java.

Java had a quite interesting history as it was created in 1991. By James Gosling, Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton, a group of Sun engineers known as the Green team. Their first public release was in 1996 under the name Java 1.0. In 1997, Sun Microsystems fulfilled the ISO standards and later formalized Java. Finally, on November 13th in 2006 they released the majority of their Java Virtual Machine as free, open-source software. In 2007, they completed their license by making all of their core code available under open-source distribution terms.




Java is very easy to learn, and its syntax is simple, clean and easy to understand. Java is Simple because Java doesn’t support a complex concept like a pointer so that Java program execution time will be less as well as less development time.

Object Oriented

Procedural programming is about writing procedures or methods that perform operations on the data, while object-oriented programming is about creating objects that contain both data and methods.


Java is secure because it runs inside a virtual machine known as a sandbox. This means that the program is not able to access the system resources like the hard disk, the network, or the user's home directory.


Java is portable because it can be run on any platform that supports Java. It can be run on any computer that has a Java Virtual Machine installed. The output of a Java compiler is bytecode which is non-executable.


With Java, you can run multiple threads at the same time. This means that you can run perform multiple tasks simultaneously. This allows developers to create interactive applications.


Java is considered dynamic because of byte code. The source code that could be written on any platform can be executed on any other platform. This makes it more dynamic than C or C++.

Game development

If you are looking for a programming language to use for game development then Java should not be your first choice. Because it overcomplicates things that you could do easier and in less lines in other languages. Even tough it is not the best language for game development it is still a very good choice because it is object-oriented and two of the biggest games, Minecraft and RuneScape have been programmed in Java. If you still insist on making games in Java we will happily assist you along your journey of learning Java.

Why Java?

If you have read all of this information and are still not completely convinced on learning java, we will give you a couple of reasons to hopefully change your mind. Java is a very well known, widely used programming language. So you won't have any job related issues. It is also an easy language to learn. If you choose to learn Java you will always be prepared if you have to learn another language on your job, because a lot of languages are similar to Java. The Java community is very large and supportive, so if you have any questions after our course you can always easily ask for guidance on different Java forums. Java is here to stay, so you will always have a language that will be used in various projects. If you feel like you want to learn the language feel free to send us a dm on any of our socials.