The Basic CSS course by EZTyping

Seppe Maes

What's CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) is the fundamental styling language for HTML. CSS and HTML are the core programming languages for building webpages. CSS is as the name says is for styling purposes to the HTML code it will define the looks of the page. With CSS you can change the entire look of your page to your likings.


Why learn CSS?

Like said in the intro CSS is the standard for styling websites and is fundamental if you want to build your own webpage. It's very easy to start with and to learn there is plenty of information to find online and teach you. Like us we will teach you the basics and essentials of CSS so you can start styling your own webpage. But before you start with CSS I should advice you to first learn our HTML course once you have this locked in you're more then ready for CSS. Then you can really start creating your own webpage to how you want it to look.

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External and Inline

External CSS

External CSS is an external css page from your HTML page. This page is only for styling and is linked to your HTML page. This can be done by a link within the head of the HTML page, multiple HTML pages can have the same CSS page link for the same styling.

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Inline CSS

Inline CSS is the same styling but requires no external pages. Inline CSS is styling within the HTML code, this is where you apply a certain styling effect to a specific HTML object. Unlike external CSS where you can apply to the whole page this will only be to one specific object.

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